Alpaca Links

Alpaca Owner Association, Inc.          This site is where you can post  and advertise your alpaca farm     

Alpaca Nation          This site is where alpaca owners can buy, sell, trade alpacas and also learn about this wonderful species

Open Herd          Another great site where alpaca owners and buy, sell, and trade alpacas

Kent Feeds          This site is where we buy our alpaca pellets from

Pasture/Paddock Vacs          This site sells large pasture vacuums and we got ours from here to make alpaca "raisinets" clean up much easier

West Branch Animal Clinic (Our Alpaca's Vet)          This site is where we go for our alpaca vet needs.  Our vet is Dr. Samuelson

Chicken Links

Chicken Feed          This is the chicken feed we buy for our flock.  This is the Nutrena Brand and the NatureWise sub brand.   

Urban Chicken Classes (Indian Creek Nature Center)            Tim and I teach classes on an occasional basis for the center

The Chicken Chick          This is a Facebook page for a very knowledgeable lady who has an amazing chicken farm

Snaplock Chicken Coop          This site has a great chicken coop that snaps together.  This one is the easiest to clean of our 3 coops and also has the best ventilation

OverEz Chicken Coop (Large Red Coop)          This site is where we got our large red coop from and our biggest coop.  This is sold from Theisens in Cedar Rapids.

Hut Chicken House (Blue Coop)          This site is a UK site where we bought one of our coops from that comes with an automatic chicken door and is also easy to clean

Automatic Chicken Doors          This site is where we got our automatic chicken doors from.  The open at dawn and close at dusk to keep our flock safe (especially when we aren't home)

Parrot Links

Harrison's Bird Food          This site is where we get pellets for our parrots

Edgewood Animal Hospital (Our Parrot Vet)          This location is where we take our lovebirds and African Grey to vet

Dog Links

Orijen Dog Food          This site has the dog food we give our whippets.  The food content is so much healthier than most brands out there

Old Mother Hubbard Treats          This site has the kind of treats we give our girls

Frey Animal Hospital (Dog Vet)          These guys are amazing!!  This is our puppy vet and they treat our girls so good and were there for us when we had to say goodbye to Baci and Beebe

Pond Links

Koiphen Forums          This forum has a lot of information about how to take care of koi and a lot of information on pond maintenance and set up

Bickal Koi Farm          This location is where we get our koi from. Greg, the owner, is a great guy and has beautiful fish!

Miscellaneous Farm Links

Lester Buildings This is the company where we got our new Alpaca Barn in Spring/Summer 2019

Flexzilla Hoses          This site showcases the only kind of hoses we will ever buy.  Amazing quality and flexibility

Nest Cameras (Alpaca Cam is a Nest Cam)          This site has the camera we use in our alpaca barn.  Nest has amazing products, including a thermostat

John Deere Equipment          This site has some of the best farm equipment out there

Seventh Generation (Indoor Cleaning Products--OK for Parrots)          This site has the products I use in my house for cleaning that are very safe for parrots.  Won't use anything else!